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If you click the remember me checkbox on a site you will never truly die until its servers are gone.

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Technocracy doesn't work because you're not governing spherical cows, you're governing a theme park filled with cloned dinosaurs.

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You know what's an isekai that people don't think of as an isekai? The first Super Mario Bros. game.

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Listen, you guys, the reason why we have a representative democracy instead of some collectivist commune is because if you try you'll quickly realize people will tolerate anything even a dictatorship over a bunch of fucking meetings.

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I sold my soul to Disney. Which is not too bad actually, because it will take ages before it becomes public domain and the devil can claim it.

Child: If I was an adult I could buy all the games I want.

Adult: If I was a child I would have the time to play all the games I bought.

If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned does that mean all scorned women go to heaven, or are scorned women immortal, or do they all seize their scorn on their deathbed?

"You can find more information on our website."

But I already am on your website.

"That is very important tin issue formation and cell division. "


ooh, "in tissue formation", that makes more sense.

See, I think this layout looks great, I just don't know if it will translate to every resolution and work ok with many apps.

Who says the variant even comes from Omicron Persei VIII, though? Using that name just contributes to the geopolitical tension if you ask me.

Web 2.0
Web 3.0 / Semantic Web*
Web IV
The Web
Final Web
Web 7
Web 8: Hyper-web
Web IV-2

* non-canon

Ugh, I'm using a password manager so my login will be unique, but this site has a MAX character limit on your password. What the hell is that?

Bill Clinton and James Paterson wrote a book together?

Other fictional police officers: "I don't go by the book in that after I'm suspended I will keep on my investigation and go in guns a blazing to a crime scene."

Columbo: "I don't go by the book in that I don't carry a gun ever and casually cook eggs for this lady that knew the murder victim to get her comfortable for no other reason than for her to be comfortable."

Skeuomorphism was kitchy, yes, but a big problem with UI design for computers/software is that it can be anything you want and there is no need to tie it to anything functional, like you could make software where the interface/way of interacting has 0 to do with how it works under the hood, and I think it leads to bad design, bad software quality and computer illiteracy and we could use with a "functional skeuomorphism" approach to design where UIs are simple but tied to the underlying workings.

Who's the philosopher who said "if you wanna know if an idea is really dope you gotta come up with it drunk and then still think it is good when sober or the other way around"?

Drunk thought: The idea that there's no way an institute so clearly run run by idiots as the Catholic church would survive for over 2000 years without divine intervention is still the best argument for God that I have ever seen.

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