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If you click the remember me checkbox on a site you will never truly die until its servers are gone.

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Technocracy doesn't work because you're not governing spherical cows, you're governing a theme park filled with cloned dinosaurs.

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You know what's an isekai that people don't think of as an isekai? The first Super Mario Bros. game.

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Listen, you guys, the reason why we have a representative democracy instead of some collectivist commune is because if you try you'll quickly realize people will tolerate anything even a dictatorship over a bunch of fucking meetings.

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I sold my soul to Disney. Which is not too bad actually, because it will take ages before it becomes public domain and the devil can claim it.

Wow, Huis ten Bosch, Japan's Netherlands themed theme park, is spot on.

Rambo was a triggered social justice warrior to be fair, I mean, he's an ex-soldier with PTSD trauma combating an unfair police force.

I'm not legally allowed to own a briefcase because of the incident.

So much stuff about medieval times is just made up by later generations to make themselves seem better.

Hot, old take: medieval times were bad is a capitalist lie

rock sharpens scissors -> scissors are dulled by paper -> paper is crushed by rock -> and loop

Wait a god damn minute, this isn't a studio apartment at all. This is a 1-bedroom apartment with the bedroom labelled "Closet".

Listening to people who are much better at computers and programming than me complain about the state of computing is kinda comforting, proves I'm not going insane.

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