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Listen, you guys, the reason why we have a representative democracy instead of some collectivist commune is because if you try you'll quickly realize people will tolerate anything even a dictatorship over a bunch of fucking meetings.

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If laptops don't have cases they'll start using opium to stop from getting bored.

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I sold my soul to Disney. Which is not too bad actually, because it will take ages before it becomes public domain and the devil can claim it.

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Tusky? You fools, that's just the name of the app, the actual social network is called... GNU/Tusky or as I've recently taken to calling it GNU Plus Tusky.

It's no help to think of a brain as either hardware or software, it's clearly firmware.

Controversial opinion?

Saying "author x didn't write that we did" because you don't like that is kind of disturbing and quite like what dictators do.

Hatsune Miku should write a dystopian novel about that.

It shouldn't be called a video game if it doesn't come on a video tape.

"*they're* trying to take over" -- The people trying to take over.

But, Kurt, does that mean you're trying to take over?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Any sufficiently zealous fake sports fandom is indistinguishable from real sports fandom.

Ooh, it was opening new tabs, they just didn't fit o the brave address bar.

'It has really gone to the dogs' is bad? Well, this changes everything.

Question for Jewish people, or Christians who follow Jewish customs, is it kosher to eat a mussel with its own shell or do you always need to eat them with a different mussel's shell?

This phishing mail seems to be set in a universe where the Soviet Union still exists.

*adds 'cutting down a tree with a pocket knife' to to do list*

ooh, how could I have forgotten about

Don't you find you're always losing your invisibility cloak?

What's the show I'm thinking of? I think it's German, set in parliament.

I guess it makes sense that most VPN providers are kind of scummy, since their main appeal is circumventing go-restrictions for copyrighted content.

I mean yes, security is a benefit they hammer home hard and it's true encryption is good, but let's be honest that's a bit overblown when using someone else's vpn.

Space Jam is two different isekais and a reverse isekai in one movie.

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