Movie from every country thing. 

So I'm thinking about watching a movie from every country and I've made a list of the 193 UN Member States, 2 UN Observer States and 11 de facto independent states.

But I also want to add special cases for regions that could be considered (culturaly) seperate enough to get their own entry on the list.

I'm not too concerned with how feasible it is they have their own films, I'm not sure all recognised contries will.

I don't know where to draw the line though...

Movie from every country thing. 

I definitely want to include Hong Kong, and thus Macau, and Greenland, and thus the Faroe Islands.

I have the wiki list of Dependent Territories and the UN List of Non-Self-Governing Territories, but that's probably both too much and too little.

If I want to include maybe the Falklands and Guam then I also have to think about a host of weird British and American oddities.

Uninhabited, just military bases or trading posts are out obviously.

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Movie from every country thing 

Ok, I've ignored the UK and US for now and made a quick list of "Maybe's" based on what I instictively recognise.

I'll look at UK and US in a bit and if I add one special region from a country I'll check all the other ones I didn't recognise, France has a bunch of stuff too, and see how elligible they are.

But first a shower.

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Maybe I should use the simplest rule of all, if you ain't got your own flag, you're definitely out.

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