But then once you've been depressed getting repressed is bad? So there is no way back?

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@kurt@social.thiskurt.me fun English fact

pressed, depressed, and repressed, ALL mean some form of "being pushed down" lmao

@kurt@social.thiskurt.me oh yeah, so does impressed, in archaic contexts

"expressed" is the furthest, meaning "pushed out"

@InspectorCaracal So being pressed is bad, but once you are pressed getting de-pressed is also bad? And if you get re-pressed that's bad too? So once you've been pressed, there's no way back, huh.

@kurt@social.thiskurt.me yep, you're doomed, whether you've been pressed, de-pressed, re-pressed, con-pressed, ex-pressed, in-pressed, or o-pressed

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