MacDiver: like MacGuyver, but it's all set under water.

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@Alexis MacGopher: Like MacGuyver, but he does it all just to annoy Bill Murray.

@kurt MacGuffaw: Like MacGuyver, but he's a comedian who can't stop laughing at his own jokes.

@Alexis MacGulliver: Like MacGuyver, but what he makes never works because it ends up being too big or too small each time.

@kurt MacGrover: Like MacGuyver, but every episode there's a song where he learns something.

@Alexis MacGoverner: Like MacGuyver, but it slowly morphs from an action series to a political show.

@kurt MacGeezer: It's like MacGyver, but he's played by Richard Dean Anderson again, who is 71.

@kurt MacGuilder: Like MacGyver, except he was replaced by something European several decades ago.

@Alexis MacGullible: Like MacGyver, but he spends most of his time making impromptu tools to fix a bridge he doesn't really own.

@kurt MacGreaser: Like MacGyver, but he's an American teenager from the 1960s with a leather jacket, hair like Elvis, and a flying car.

@Alexis MacGrievous, Like MacGyver, but he's a robot, or an android, or something, he's got lungs a bunch of metal parts for some reason.

@kurt MacGriddle: Like MacGyver, except in Europe it's a muffin and they change some of the ingredients depending on the region.

@Alexis MacGrindelwald: Like MacGyver, but he's gay, except it never comes up, but they totally swear he is.

@kurt MacGluttony: Like MacGyver, except it always feels like MacSloth and MacGreed kinda already cover the basic ideas on this one.

@Alexis MacSnyder: Like MacGyver, except everyone is either angry or sad and the colour is gone.

@kurt MacRider: Like MacGyver, except he's either a skeleton that's on fire OR he has a talking car, but not both.

@kurt Paper-MacWriter: Exactly like MacGyver, but the theme tune is the best Beatles song for no apparent reason.

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