wait holy fuck

my whole fucking life i've gone "porygon doesn't make sense. like i buy that they programmed a pokemon but programs don't have physical form"


pokemon and items can be stored as data in the pc. technology is amazing


@monorail Hold on Porygon is DRMed according to bulbapedia?

"According to its Pokédex entries, it has copy protection built into its code, preventing duplication through electronic means"

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@monorail @kurt This is hilarious if you, well, know anything about Pokémon glitches whatsoever.

@a_breakin_glass @monorail If other pokémon can just be copied then Pokémon Day Care is kind of a scam.

@kurt @monorail *downloads a porygon from a warez bbs, has to sit through a cracktro every time their new catch exits a pokeball*

@kurt @monorail Evolution to Porygon-Z involves cracked software, why else is the disc dubious and only evolves through trading

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