Everything is dumb, old people just notice the new stuff that is dumb and young people notice the old stuff that was dumb, that's why people really have mid-life crises.

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@Alexis At least dumb sports cars are dumb in a way that makes sense and is familiar, I don't know what the hell these kids are miming to this time.

@kurt I only ever see Tiktoks on other sites and most of the time they're jokes, well-made zero-budget hyper-short films, or concise political commentary, so I think there's still time before I have to figure out where the heck I'm gonna get dumb sports car money.

(This will resolve itself when I remember I don't have a driver's license and I can just buy an ostentatious hat instead.)

"Back when I was young we used to call that Chinese Vine."

"Shhh, grandpa."

@kurt Sigh. I remember when Tumblr was just hyperactive LiveJournal.

@Alexis @kurt (not having a driver's licence just means you have to find money to hire a driver too)

@zatnosk @kurt A big part of the appeal of the dumb sports car would be the feeling of driving it, surely.

(Which does open up the mid-life crisis to other types of car, I suppose.)

@Alexis @zatnosk It's just not the same sitting in a back of a limousine having a fan blow wind in your hair.

@kurt @zatnosk Eh, I prefer the Italian style, and I'm pretty sure there's no laws requiring a license to operate a weird kangaroo mech or a subterranean tunnel-digging worm vehicle.

@Alexis @kurt I think the trick is that neither machine operates on public roads. Get fast enough away from roads and there's no laws.

@zatnosk @kurt I think you'll find where me and my treasure-hunting animal vehicles are going, we won't /need/ roads.

@Alexis @kurt @zatnosk
I think you'd need construction permits for a tunnel-digging worm vehicle...

@anke @kurt @zatnosk Hm, maybe if I class it as a submarine...

Wait, no, I don't have a submarine license.

@Alexis @Anke @zatnosk You don't need a license for a submarine, it's in one of the boat license subclauses.

@kurt @anke @zatnosk I don't think I'd want my regular above-water boat to be sub anything.

@zatnosk @kurt @anke I think that's to prevent a shark from becoming Santa, if he dies at sea the title just goes to the nearest Tim Allen.

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