@kurt @B Franchise broadcast order or nothing!

(Very tempted by that new movie adaptation of episode 15 of 0079, though.)

@Alexis @B Pfff, you didn't even watch The Stranger, your order purity is meaningless! Meaningless I say!

@kurt @B Just because it’s a different timeline doesn’t mean the larger meta franchise doesn’t still inform future instalments! I like that context!

(That context may be the whole point.)

(I’ve been thinking I might watch The Stranger when #TARDISclub gets to the Wilderness Years, but that’s not… this decade.)

@Alexis @B 471 episodes and one movie is around 236 weeks which is about 4 years 6 months and 1 week, so still this decade.

@Alexis @B That's surprisingly short since with two a week you'd think we'd only be going double speed to real time, but I guess there's lots of breaks in real life.

@kurt @B Yeah, seasons start to shrink significantly after the black-and-white era. We’re on track for bi-annual webisodes by 2030.

@Alexis @B Well, we're only getting 3 episodes this year, we only had 6 last year (ok 7 with the new year one), 1 (!) in 2019 and even a full season is only ten episodes now. 2030 is being generous.

@Alexis @B At least Chibnall made it so that Doctor Who's 50th anniversary year was no longer the year with the least amount of TV Doctor Who since the revival.

@kurt @B Purely by runtime, he has a 59 minute year in 2019, with just “Resolution.” The previous record holder was Moffat in 2016, 60 minutes, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio.”


@Alexis @B I'd forgotten about 2016, unremarkable year slipped my mind.

That's 2 single episode years (2016, 2019)

And 2 triple episode years (2009, 2022)

And we did actually get part 2 of season 7 on the 50th year, I was wrong about that. 10 episodes all in all, that's a whole Chibnall, man it felt so little.

However Season 7 Part 1 does give us a 6 episode year in the Moffat era (2012), whereas 2021, the year of Flux, is technically a 7 episode year because of the special.

@kurt @Alexis @B Basically, they've been stiffing us on Doctor Who content since the end of the 60s, although the rot really set in mid 80s. In the new series case, after series 4 the creative accounting started, where they kept telling us we were getting more episodes than we really were.

@mindfog @Alexis @B Ooh, if I payed taxes to the UK I would let them have it, believe me.

@kurt @mindfog @B I keep going "to be fair, Big Finish releases like a hundred hours a year" but it's not like those are covered by tax or, like I, ahem, pay for those.

@Alexis @kurt @B I feel Big Finish's content should be available to all, covered by the licence fee. I might feel a little less resentful of the double entry episode count often employed by the TV production team if that were the case.

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