scab, wound 

It's scabbed over and healing now, no more seeing the flesh underneath.

Ack! Stupid AD - Office 365 sync issues again.

This user has an in-place archive and there's an issue sycing its ID from Office 365 with that from AD... except that value just doesn't exist in AD.

It should be msExchArchiveGUID, but it ain't there.

Deleting that archive isn't even possible either, as it won't let me change it in o365 due to the sync an again locally it doesn't exist at all.

TIL: That if you play a video with the title 'Kill Bill' in its metadata instead of the regular cone VLC will show the following after the video is finished playing:

Grrrr. Woef woef!

I mean, Miaauw.

I mean, *makes supersonic noises*

It also looks a bit like a big grin. Like if Batman met the Joker met a kitty.

@Alexis @rabbithearth

Let's give this setup a shot. Using Nova launcher because the default android homepage does not offer a good, not too messy looking way of having twelve folders on one page to avoid multiple pages.

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