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Why didn't I think to check if my keyboard's keycaps could be popped out and replaced by 3d printed ones earlier.

The answer is yes, I had to model them because membrane keys don't have as much of a standard.

Now to think of a colour scheme. Although I kind of like the minimal red accents on black.

That's where the ampersand comes from?

Et as in the Latin 'and', just e and t smashed together and bastardized?

Who'da thunk it.

Look I (re-)made a musics:

Given that I know nothing of musics and have no sense of rythm, I quite like it. The computer does most of the rythm stuff.

"Wireless WiFi HD Otoscope Camera Multifunctional Ear Picker"

I don't want to see the inside of my ear, nor broadcast it to the internet over wifi, but it is 70% off...

"Showsee IPX6 Waterproof Electric Dental Calculus Remover"

Don't want any calculus on your teeth, they could start multiplying.

"Xiaomi Mijia Internet Desktop Dish Washer."

Good question this:

Printing some Christmas decorations. Imma try to print the stand up version of this one in the same shiny filament one more time, it was going OK until one of the thin legs got dragged and knocked over.

OK, I think the ligne claire style and sideways orientation zooming in on half a page help a lot.

It doesn't have the vibrancy of a screen or actual comic obviously, which I was not expecting, but I am getting closer to the newspaper print look that I assumed I'd get.

Stil on the darker side though, but at least I'm getting a version of the colours some other tests looked wrong due to a variety of factors.

I'll throw some tintins on it to start.


uspol adjacent, earth-2 

Also, Maine-2 gives us this possibility.

Trump-Harris 2020 is still in the cards, baby.

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uspol, evil prediction 

269-269 tie, Trump-Harris 2020, baby.

Any guess as to what the purpose of this 3D print design is gonna be?

scab, wound 

It's scabbed over and healing now, no more seeing the flesh underneath.

Ack! Stupid AD - Office 365 sync issues again.

This user has an in-place archive and there's an issue sycing its ID from Office 365 with that from AD... except that value just doesn't exist in AD.

It should be msExchArchiveGUID, but it ain't there.

Deleting that archive isn't even possible either, as it won't let me change it in o365 due to the sync an again locally it doesn't exist at all.

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