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Now, hold on, to be fair to this ridiculous headline, if they have a seat at the United Nations I think that means we can declare war on them.

Ooh, cool in wikipedia if an article contains an IPA if you hover over one of the weird letters it will give a little tooltip with a pronunciation explanation.

Thanks a lot Microsoft, "1. Go to the," great now I know exactly what to do.

This is much better, much more professional. It's time we give this social media platform the proper seriousness it deserves.

This is starting to look like something and hopefully that something is a little haxagonal macro keypad.

Why didn't I think to check if my keyboard's keycaps could be popped out and replaced by 3d printed ones earlier.

The answer is yes, I had to model them because membrane keys don't have as much of a standard.

Now to think of a colour scheme. Although I kind of like the minimal red accents on black.

That's where the ampersand comes from?

Et as in the Latin 'and', just e and t smashed together and bastardized?

Who'da thunk it.

Look I (re-)made a musics:

Given that I know nothing of musics and have no sense of rythm, I quite like it. The computer does most of the rythm stuff.

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