Bad Girl (1931) 

@Alexis You'd be surprised. It's called globalism, Daily, or, well, universism.

If I was in charge of youtube this 20 minute video of a man dehydrating every part of a hot dog, so bread, meat, mustard, pickles, relish, onion
and tomato, and then reassembling and rehydrating it would be the entirety of youtube rewind.

Apparantly dried pickles taste of the sea, who'd a thunk it?

So, he opened the can of bread using a can opener even though it has a ring pull, because using the ring pull leaves a little edge which could get in the way of getting the bread out in one piece.

He felt the need to explain this in a way that suggests this practice has led to some youtube drama in the past.

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@Alexis @InspectorCaracal What's strange is that I'll sometimes water down soda and it's fine, but for some reason when I use fizzy water it's just weird.

You'd think it'd be better cause you keep the fizz level the same, but it tastes wrong.

Then again, I do prefer a low-fizz soda myself, generally.

@InspectorCaracal @Alexis You can make it yourself, the trick is to guzzle it down before it starts to curdle.

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal I remember there was a, extremely brief, craze around this drink that was just milk mixed orange juice when I was a kid.

@InspectorCaracal @Alexis Ooh, yeah, Ashens and Barry, I bet. Gotta love those guys. I've always wanted to try fizzy milk myself.

@Alexis Ooh, I'm well aware of Will It Soft Serve, thank you very much.

I don't understand people who don't like youtube, where else are you going to go to watch a man eat lasagna from a can?

Ooh, Smash Bros Ultimate added the population of San Marino to its roster.

I've seen people talking about April Fools day already earlier this week, mostly negatively. It's not Christmas, there's no advent period for April Fools!

@fribbledom We can call it the batshit virus, as that may be a possible origin; I'm not making any insinuations towards Trump by using that term at all.

@purplemontart Where were you moving to now?

How are things running school-wise in Japan anyway? Are they still open or will they be off for some time there too?

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