@Alexis Never happened. AD was not fully adopted yet at the time of what *some* claim would be the year 1000.

And of course there's the whole business of Otto III and Sylvester II faking 300 years for political convenience.

Is it better to drive a car with a mouse or with a trackball?

I don't believe in intuition. It just doesn't feel right.

πŸ”« "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969) 

@Alexis Just preemptively squashing all 'it's actually a role in MI5 rather than a single guy' fan theories.

Watch "A Million Dollars vs A Billion Dollars, Visualized: A Road Trip" on YouTube 

"Someone else is viewing this."

Whuuu... ooh, yeah, it's me on a different account.

You don't need to see the source code, you just need a legacy of years and years of people messing with stuff in any way they can.

With Linux theoretically you could do something crazy, with Windows someone will have done it already in the late '90s.

@monorail Listen, 'bodge' is the best word. As a non-native speaker you get to pick the best words from any dialect, I say.

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People say Linux is customisable and that's true, but they don't acknowledge nearly enough how... 'bodge-able' Windows is.

subtoot hot take 

White people complaining about white people is the apex of white people ruining things.

In case you don't know it alternativeto.net/ is a great site to find software that is similar to [insert software x].

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