"Asking for someone on my instance" is the single-user instance equivalent of the phrase "asking for a friend".

🎩 "Top Hat" (1935) 

@Alexis What people put on their heads in the privacy of their own home is none of your business.

🎩 "Top Hat" (1935) 

@Alexis I don't see how the hat's sex life is relevant.

@monorail 'Bones are fragile' is mostly a marketing thing invented by Netflix.

@monorail You're only making it harder for your future self when they finally give in to the skateboard dream during their midlife crisis. Drink some milk.

@monorail You're like 8, Tony Hawk is 457, go skateboard and manage the risks, because when you're 40 you'll realize you could have done so all along and actually still can but you just wasted a bunch of time and you'll be sad.

@zatnosk Because they read in the cards it would appeal to you. It was more dramatic than it sounds.

I'm at the hotel, motel, holiday inn; I'm at the combination hotel, motel and holiday inn.

I really need to stop being a lazy bum and work on Plan B.

Semantics is about the meaning of words, right? Actually, I don't care, it's just semantics anyway.

You know why computers are so bad? It's because they're too good.

They're so mindbogglingly fast and efficient you can throw any old crap at two chips duck taped together and at least something will come out that people tricks into thinking there's actual technological progress there.

It was all fine pre-80s when they had to be carefully managed because they were only just capable of solving the problems we needed them to solve.

You ever have that thing where you have a problem you can't figure out yourself so you look it up online and you quickly find the solution and it's so simple you don't bother to implant it in your brain.

& later you have the same problem, can't remember the solution & you look it up again, but instead of stumbling on the answer like last time you keep bumping into more and more nonsense while you know there's an easy answer out there and you realize no one online knows anything about anything.

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