@monorail Tangentially: sometimes logs will also log the output that says 'check the logs for more info' and it makes me question if I'm looking at the logs or not.

Apple's weather app won't show you 69Β°F? Not nice, Apple. Not nice.

:olympics: opening ceremony thread 

@Alexis It's been over a year.

:olympics: opening ceremony thread 

@Alexis That's what I try to tell people at the club.

:olympics: opening ceremony thread 

@Alexis Yes, they are moving, that's correct.

@Alexis You know what they say "if you can't do, teach, if you can't teach, teach gym, if you can't teach gym, think, if you can't think, teach philosophy, if you can't teach philosophy, teach ethics."

@Alexis Ethics sounds like a competition they had at the original Greek Olympics.

Why do they always make tickets on this stuff when the people who can best handle it are out?

"Can't you just leave these donkeys alone?"

"Sorry, I don't make the rules, I just rake the mules."

@Alexis See You Later Richard Dean Anderson, who won't bite you and yet everyone still wants to get away from him as fast as possible.

@Alexis Sylvie Dean Laufeyson, a variant of Richard Dean Laufeyson.

@Alexis This is how facebook tried to get my birth certificate, they said they needed to implement the correct time limits.

@jk After having studied some Theory Theory Theory, I'm more into Post-Theory Theory honestly.

Yugh, moldy fruit already, wasn't this delivered on Monday? This fruit-at-work service isn't always the best.

There should be a max cap on the amount of people in a whatsapp group where it is considered acceptable for /every/ /single/ /person/ to wish someone a happy birthday. It's too many!

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