ooh, how could I have forgotten about listentoamovie.com

Don't you find you're always losing your invisibility cloak?

What's the show I'm thinking of? I think it's German, set in parliament.

@Alexis A license to kill, but it's only active when connected to the MI5 cloud service.

I guess it makes sense that most VPN providers are kind of scummy, since their main appeal is circumventing go-restrictions for copyrighted content.

I mean yes, security is a benefit they hammer home hard and it's true encryption is good, but let's be honest that's a bit overblown when using someone else's vpn.

Space Jam is two different isekais and a reverse isekai in one movie.

You know what's an isekai that people don't think of as an isekai? The first Super Mario Bros. game.

German pun, dirty joke, menstruation 

@Anke No German puns? Did anyone tell Walter Moers?

But is it possible to roll your eyes so hard they pop out?

@Alexis Bond-by-numbers? Which numbers, though, can't think of any.

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