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@Anke I'm always mistaking six year old Dutch children for sixteen year old German teens, it's cause they're so tall.

@Anke They also both headbutt your calves when they want scritchy scratches.

Ooh, Biden BILL must be killed, I thought youtube was finally trying to radicalise me.

People out there drinking horse water!? They genuinely give that stuff to horses. What has it come to? I stick to coke zero.

"I'm not on twitter much, I'm more often on mastodon."

"Ooh, the Trump site?"

You know, I think of it as 'insert' mode, because the key says insert, but actually insert mode is the mode you're normally in and you enter 'overwrite' mode when you press the insert key and it starts overwritting the text.

@Alexis If you are alarmed all the time because of the potential of an alarm going of you don't actually need an alarm anymore.

So windows has an alarm function, but it doesn't seem to go off on the set time, but at any random time EXCEPT the set time.

*Nearly finishes doing a thing the normal way*

"NO, I must use the fast way."

*undoes everything and do it again the fast way, making the whole thing take longer than if he just finished the slow way*

@Alexis There's a Topher Grace and Tom Hardy team up in the next Spider-Home movie?

@Alexis If you ate bioluminescent fish for breakfast you wouldn't have this issue.

@Alexis You know when you'll see one again? There's a word for it, but I can't quite recall.

- Youtube video with [HQ] in the title.
- Is literally 360p

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