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Paraguay does all the work Guay doesn't want to do and gets payed much less.

Ooh, come on Papua New Guinea, what are you even doing over there?

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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar used to be called The Federation of the Republic of the Union of the Myanmar States, but that's a whole policital, cultural, ethnic mess I won't go into.

Monaco, the country that proves a race track can gain independence.

"The Federated States of Micronesia is an independent republic associated with the United States."

What shenanigans is this?

It's good to know Madagascar was able to fight of the penguin coup and remain independent.

Kiribati, another one I haven't heard of.

The official language of Kitibati is Gilbertese, which is a very good name for a language even when not exclusively spoken by people named Gilbert.

So is the Co-operative Republic of Guyana a worker's co-operative or a consumer's co-operative?

I guess citizen's consume government resources they don't, generally, work in it.

Like a big co-op supermarket.

Listen, Equatorial Guinea, you ain't actually on the equator, you're close, but not on it, so I don't think you get to rub it in Other Guinea's face like that.

Dominica? I don't think I've ever heard of that country, or if I did I probably assumed they meant the Domincan Republic instead.

Cuba. Land of Cubans. The people, not the cigars. But also the cigars.

Is The Republic of Chad named after a guy named Chad or are they just always having sex there?

*scrutinises a map of Africa closely*

Al right "Central African Republic", I'll allow it, it's close enough.

I don't think I've come across Barbados' flag before. Cool flag.

Covid-19? Joke? 

I don't trust people who call them selves 'empaths', sounds like something a sociopath would say.

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