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I've had like three actual conversations about my emotional well-being in my life, but they all happened recently in the span of a year.

Ever since that PS5 presentation I've been seeing the word 'flops' a lot, but *never* actually in the computer performance sense, so I don't know if that counts as the Baader-Meinhof effect or not.

Vanity License:

Copyright ME!

Permission is granted to anyone to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense or sell this software and to permit others to do the same under the condition below.

You must include the following in all copies:

1) The above copyright notice
2) This permission notice
3) Heaps of praise for me

subtoot, ''''''''''AI''''''''' 

Or maybeeeee it has truly 'learned' that memes are just copying other people without giving credit.

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subtoot, ''''''''''AI''''''''' 

"This AI is so funny look at this meme it 'generated'."

That meme existed before verbatim. I initially thought it at least matched the text with a similar image, but the image was even teh same. It just spat it out from it's dataset 1:1.

The Brave icon looks like the ING bank icon and it's throwing me off.

This may be a Banana Republic, but the alternative is Bananarchy.

Plural they is starting to sound weird to me, you guys.

Ok, the others are just slower to update, I'm not sure where the interval is set, but I can see their data is older.

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Ha! So this is reporting 4 things as a warning, but in reality it's 3 ok and 1 in error and I thought I had found the reason why it wasn't updating the info and fixed it, but only the one that is in error is now reporting correctly.

I have asked a youtube commenter to apologise to another youtube commenter for calling him an idiot, so we'll see how that goes.

1970 - Levinson and Link's office.

"What if our first episode is about a duo of mystery writers and one of them kills the other?"

"Ehm, ok..."

"Yeah, and one of them does all the work while the other is a talentless hanger on!"


Man, it's pretty cool that whenever someone is doing a 'mysterious and catastrophic event affecting the whole world' story they have to account for the fact that some of us are in fucking space now.

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