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Tom Cruise is planning to shoot a movie in space. It's about time.

Walk, run, cycle, train.

Going by train is hardly exercise... ooh, I see.

*spotify starts playing something called 'minecraftcito'*

wow, this is so bad.

Anyone know a writer historically important in the development of the novel or books in general whose name starts with a 'B'?

I'm thinking Boccaccio, anyone else?

vague BttF spoilers 

Back to the Future 2 and 3 were intended as one movie and as one movie. If it was one movie it would literally have everything you can do with time travel in it.

Future, Past, alternate present, crossing yourself, historic past, double ties.

Mortal danger is nothing to sneeze at, but at least you can kill it.

Immortal danger, now that's trouble.

*closes the tab 'Jazz Hands'*
*closes the tab 'Abaddon'*

What was I looking for last time?

Not to debate anyone, but Gundam Wing is the best Gundam and if you disagree then you are wrong and harming society, not that I'm debating the merits of the different Gundam series or attacking the evil villains who don't think Gundam Wing is the best one.

I'm not here to debate you, I'm here to tell you things.

And what I'm telling you is that Gundam Wing is the best one, you plebian.

Use the simpler, more basic general purpose class and add all the functionality I need that has probably been implemented in better ways than I would or use the more complex, specific purpose class and work around the features I not only don't need, but may make it harder to manipulate the class int he ways I do need?

I've turned this AI generated text adventure into a porno, I think.

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28 Days Later Spoilers?? but it's an AI generated one so probably not 

These post credits scenes keep getting weirder.

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28 Days Later Spoilers?? but it's an AI generated one so probably not 

That went easy.

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"Don't forget to Like and Thrope."

-- Werewolf Youtubers

Hey, Firefox Mobile actually has add-ons and night reader works! And if I use the Firefox Preview I can put the whole interface in dark mode too.

Maybe email clients have become redundant. Maybe it's time to go... Beyond Thunderbird.

*looks at timeline*

Huh, vampirism *is* like a pyramid scheme.

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