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I should watch The Good, the Bad and the Weird again.

I haven't been to South Wales, but I've been to New South Wales and I think it's probably a misnomer.

I didn't say anything and now it's probably too late to say it and still get to say 'I told you so' when it happens.

Does anyone have a good source for 1) seance transcripts and 2) police interview transcripts?

The only thing you can set is which text the user is shown? What? No, hold on, you can only do that in the *advanced* package.

Someone plugged in a USB 100.000 times on one device today. That can't be right.

Bowling estafette where one person bowls and the other has to run and intercept the bowling ball and then slide down the lane the rest of the way.

They have to physically move the chess pieces though, like with a robot arm that can get mangled in the war portion.

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Tangentially, how well would Spot the robot dog do on one of those Wipeout courses?

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Computers playing chess is a thing, chessboxing is a thing, robot wars was a thing.

Robot Chess Wars is just there for someone to pitch.

Aah, cool, a whole series of Belgian political documentaries to watch.

One of my joycons is drifting to the left and the other is drifting to the right. I don't see how they can ever form a coalition to play Super Mario 3D All Stars.

"No! This is your anti-DIE-otica!"

-- Dr. Death Act 2 Scene 5

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"No! This is your DIE-agnosis!"

-- Dr. Death Act 2 Scene 2

BublΓ© Sort: A podcast about discussing algorithms with Michael BublΓ©

It's under Various and Other Settings > Advanced Options > More

It may have been a shitpost, but I think three acres and a robot is a good political credo to live by.

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