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Really liked both and Train to Busan, so, yeah, why not look for a third Korean zombie film.

Hmm, how could I hide a bone in a banana without it being noticeable?

Why make your movie longer than one hour thirty? Makes no sense.

Wait, so the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but what if I have two enemies and they're also enemies of each other? Then they would both be my friend and so we would all be friends? Ooh, I get The Good the Bad and the Ugly now.

Is the girl from in anything else that's good? Just, asking, err, just cause.

What's that time travel movie I'm thinking of? It's British, has nothing to do with Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, but a little bit feels like it, but also not and possibly Moss from IT Crowd and Anna Farris are in it, but possibly neither of them are in it.

Final Destination 5 spoilers 

I know *the thing* so I was watching out for how they'd hide the fact that no one is using smartphones, but... I mean it seems pretty obvious. I guess if you're not looking for it you wouldn't notice the blooming FLIP PHONE.

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I still say we should have gone with Crama instead of Dramedy.

clone sex, sitcom tropes 

If I wanted to have sex with my clone I wouldn't do it because I'd be worried they'd reject me. Even though, depending on how clone memories work in this scenario, I'd know they were thinking the same thing and of course they'd be in the same boat.

It's like a one person annoying will-they-won't-they TV sitcom relationship. What a hassle.

Put on Final Destination 5 because I ran across it and I've heard people say it's actually decent. I liked the first one and 2 and 3 were alright, I think, I don't remember fully what I thought of them, but there's really no need to catch up on the fourth one first.

It's worrying how many of my deliberately terrible ideas, shitposts or dumb satiric jokes turn out to actually exist.

Huh, I got a reply on a toot that didn't show up in my mentions. Must be some federation nonsense.

Ooh, it's Friday the 13th, well I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong.

The Babysitter +Killer Queen 

Well, that was fun, so I watched the second one straight after.

Still looking for funding for my idea of the worst social media site where you can edit other people's posts, but not your own.

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