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They should'a called Detective Pikachu "Pikawhodunnit".

Hobgoblins is a great movie and anyone who says otherwise is an embarrassment to humanity.

I try to avoid killing spiders, but that was too far into huge and frightening territory.

Is it just real estate and newspapers that have moguls or are there any other professions?

Well, talk about prolific.

Hey, @Alexis you need another director to watch all movies from?

Wait, wait, wait, they're called The Buggles, not the bugles.


ruegwun is the CW for indecipherable CWs.

What if I buy a horse and let the internet vote on what to name him, what to feed him, whether to enter him in any races, etcetera?

It would be an open-horse project.

"Mining Bitcoin on the Game Boy"

Boy, that's gonna take a lot of AA's.

I've got an idea for the pile of things I won't be doing.

I've fallen into a Bardcore hole again, but I'm not complaining.

They should have released the soundtrack to the Ready Player One movie on piano roll and called it Player One Piano.

There's really a movie called Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension?

Ooh, my handle is still 'a festive handle'? That's like keeping your Christmas tree up until, well Easter, which I think is a major faux pas in religious circles.

Hello! As we've established, April 1st is now Pleasant Surprise Day!

First page of my new comic is up: (Surprise! How pleasant!)

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