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The increasing amount of hot takes alone proves global warming.

Two of my teeth have had big chunks of them break off, one was already plumbed before, it doesn't hurt, but I should go to the dentist at some point.

Would you rather pilot a Musk Gundam or a Bezos Gundam?

Remember that town in Italy that made it illegal to die?

I find it hard to imagine anyone finding generic affirmations useful.

You know when someone goes: "You (directed at no one in particular or occasionally at a wide group of people) are beautiful/smart/positive trait X."

If anything it just raises doubt about it.

The order in which different people can be trusted to make statements on matters related to psychology.

1) People with psychology degrees
2) People without psychology degrees and that have never studied psychology
3) Psychology students

Seriously never listen to anything psychology students say about psychology until they've graduated, every layman's take will be better than theirs.

Americans can you please stop using the word 'corporatism' it's already taken by an entirely different system that's actually kind of ok (corporatism and tripartism in particular).

Give a man a fish and he'll have food for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll have food for a lifetime, teach man how to map the genome of a fish and we'll be able to eat them for eternity.

Season 10 of Doctor Who would have been a great jumping on point if it was followed by something worth jumping on for, but instead it's a great standalone season if you're not sure you want to commit to the whole 'who.

I've seen the Taskmaster task where Rhod Gilbert ties up Alex Horne more times than you've seen your mother during the pandemic.

People complain about corporations hijacking lgbtq symbols, but they forget the Rainbow Flagβ„’ was invented by Skittles.

You ever forget there is a season between summer and winter? Not me, no way.

Huckster that's the word I couldn't remember 5 days ago.

These are not the Ontarian milkbags I was thinking of.

Summary:Β A new study demonstrated dogs do not reciprocate food-giving

Yeah, no shit, who's out there thinking their dog would feed them?

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