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The Department of Experimental Politics to start its own social media platform.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but how about we get The Animatrix 2?

How many billionaires do I have to rob to become the world's first trillionaire?

Browser addon that replaces swear words with worse swear words.

Petition to start using 'swimming' for ships and boats too. ie I was swimming my boat across the ocean.

Even though cyberpunk-level mega-corporations are seen as science fiction, we've basically already had that in the past with the East India Company and the Dutch East India Company.

And with Company rule in India and the Congo Free State we even had nations run by corporations.

Now, hold on, to be fair to this ridiculous headline, if they have a seat at the United Nations I think that means we can declare war on them.

There are two guards in front of you, one who likes big butts and cannot lie, the other hates big butts and can only lie; how do you find out which one likes big butts?

Method acting, pfff, you never hear a story about method acting where it's some Hollywood actor playing like mother Theresa and going down to Skid Row 'in character' to provide health care to the homeless people there. It's always when someone plays an asshole character that they use the method.

mild grossness 

I may have caught something, I'm feeling mucus starting to collect in the back of my throat.

I like raisins, but I like like a packet of raisins, I don't think I really like raisins *in* anything. Raisins in cake, raisins in salads, I don't hate it like some people do, but it's only at about the tolerate level. Raisins are best on their own. I guess raisin bread is ok, but what do you put on it?

Disney's 'gay representation' isn't baby steps, with baby steps the baby takes a step, takes another step, falls, gets up, takes three steps and falls again, but eventually it has walked from the mom to the dad.

It's more like a 50 year old man putting one foot forward and going "look at me I'm taking a step" and when everyone's done clapping he puts his foot back, waits 5 minutes and puts the same foot forward and everyone claps all over again.

Repeat until Bill Murray gets Andie MacDowell.

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Apparently some time back there was some hullabaloo about RTD calling Loki's one line acknowledgement of Loki being bi 'craven and feeble.'

Seeing as Loki the show is pretty Who like from what I've heard people say and RTD ran Doctor Who and introduced Captain Jack Harkness to it, and later spun him off into a show where everyone seemed to be bi until further notice, I'd say it's understandable he'd go 'WTF are you on about' if people consider that moment... well, anything of note.

Just thinking about Russell T. Davies coming back as Doctor Who showrunner again.

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