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On one side of the street is someone yapping about a trolley problem and on the other is someone yapping about coconut economics on a deserted island; which of the two do you want your self-driving car be programmed to run over?

Isn't there a way to save webpages to your kobo reader?

I used to be able to vaguely tell when american thanksgiving was happening based on black friday promos, but now the black friday promos have gotten worse than early christmas decorations and have no clue when it is.

Timeloop story where the character has gone through the loop so many times they arrive at the point where for one iteration they just do the worst things possible, because the day will reset anyway, but then the day doesn't reset and the final timeline is the one where they piss everyone off. The whole thing was set up by some trickster entity and they did it just to have a laugh at what would happen after.

You know the Ship of Theseus? What if instead of just replacing the parts on one ship, you split all the parts of the ship into and make two whole ships of them by adding other parts. Which one of the two ships is the real ship?

Help me out here:

Hey, we revived the SEAL (Society for Exploratory Action in Literature) book club over on the forum if you'd like to join us, we're doing short stories with the maximum wordcount up to 10.000 per weekly(?) session.


It's not technology that's the issue, it's abstraction.

"A wizard is never late, nor are they early, they arrive precisely when they mean to."

*Looks around*

"Ooh, no one is here yet."

Everyone always talks about gingerbread house, but no one asks how's gingerbread?

I think everyone should be a hypocrite, but I'm not one myself.

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