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The Tooth Fairy may seem friendly, but watch out for her sister the Bone Fairy. I won't tell you the gruesome details of what she does, just don't sleep with you hand beneath your pillow. 50 cent ain't worth it.

I say Devil is M. Night Shyamalan best work and it isn't even his work.

I don't care what the sequels say, Darth Jar Jar is still true.

wordle, spoiler at the bottom 

Wordle 207 6/6


That's a 6 letter word with an OU!

Gumder 20b8 4/Ο€


But just imagine with NFTs you could do this thing that first requires implementing and aligning 10 other things which are the actual bottlenecks and could also be done without the underlying NFT technology.

Wordle 206 4/6


"not valid unless signed"

You know I've never signed a debit or credit card.

Voldemort's followers are called death eaters aka nomdemorts.

Maybe I should try again or maybe I should give Arkham Origins a try?

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I really liked Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, but barely got anywhere with Arkham Knight because I bounced on the first stupid batmobile tank battle nonsense.

Am I a sweet summer child for thinking we'll get a Winds of Winter announcement this year?

This piece of older media is more relevant today than ever. It was so prescient.

*puts on truth glasses*

Shit never changes.

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