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Just don't drop it untill the new gorilla glass is here.

You must be able to move servers for your mastodon instance, so maybe I can migrate to fully self-hosted if I keep the domain somehow? Will have to look into that, but not right now.

Doctor Who spoilers, 25 year old Simpsons spoilers 

The Timeless Child arc is the Armin Tamzarian of Doctor Who storylines.

The internet is all like "you thought this was a news article, psych, it's a video even though it doesn't need to be" and then it's also all like "you want screenshots to see what this inherently visual piece of software looks like? No, you get a readme on github that's just text and barely describes it."

Are all the foreigners in Japan youtubers in the UK right now or have been in Australia recently or just the ones I know?

I've only seen two ads in YouTube videos, but screw this 'masterworks' malarkey already.

Energy Islands Schmenergy Islands, we can easily fit another Benelux in there.

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What will it take for the Benelux, the UK and maybe Norway and Denkmark to come together to create a new island in the North Sea called New Doggerland?

I know they say you don't actually get a cold from cold, but I'm definitely sniffly from having a fan blowing in my face yesterday with all the heat.

Anyone know any good note take apps/systems that just use markdown rather than their own format.

I'm going to try to export these old tomboy notes into markdown text files and also refactor an 201 page/63000 word note.rtf file into individual files, I'll probably just use markdown text files for all of them and manage it manually using embedded YAML to try tagging them, but I'm looking to see if maybe there's a nice app to manage them with instead, but don't want to be tied to a non-text format

Looking at a monitor is literally staring into a lamp.

"The next ingredient is called 'laughing cow cheese wedge.'"

Never heard anyone use an English translation name for La Vache Qui Rit, but it sounds so silly I love it.


Yeah, they're all crashing and the last year's trend is going down severely for all of them, so I think the death is happening now.

tfw you take a sip out of your mug, but your mug is empty, you keep tipping it over expecting to at least get a little sip left over in the bottom, but there's only emptiness.

One thing that's good about cycling clothes is back pockets, but not on your pants obviously because you're sitting the whole time, but on the back of your shirt.

We should implement that on regular clothes, let's have pockets on the back of our shirts specifically for storing snacks.

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