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Why does it have to be so slow? So fucking unbearably slow? Don't be stuck at 50%, just don't be.

Sometimes I think back about that time I missed the que in Assassin's Creed II to hug Leonardo da Vinci and it still makes me feel bad.

"I heard you like stories, so I put stories in your stories so you can story while you story."

I love it!

She's a 10, but she uses the imperial scale so she's like a 32.48 or something? Who knows.

This fish tartar panini is not going down swimmingly.

The Sandman, Audible Original 

Gah, endlessly waking up from a nightmare thinking your awake only to find yourself in an other nightmare for all eternity is one hell of a torture.

"I thought you said splitting a Tom?"


"Poor fellow."

Got three months free on Disney+ so I should probably watch something from it.

How AI Predictive Text Led Me To Planning An Elaborate Heist With A Team Of Crack Specialists And Landed Me In A Guatemalan Prison.

"On this keyboard your have to press shift for sharps and flats."

Philosopher? I hardly know her, who is she, who are any of us, do we even exist, are we all one being?

Ooh, yeah, The Sandman is releasing in Netflix this weekend I think.

You know that thing we fixed as a society? I guess that wasn't even real, huh.

Moffat pitched a Columbo revival?

Yeah, no, I think I'm happy that didn't happen, I'm undecided on if I'd want any revival or not as it is. Still, Ruffalumbo...

The Dutch can create land out of nothing, but the Chinese can create cities out of thin air.

Why am I always more hesitant to spend money on fleeting things I will definitely use then on things I could theoretically use for longer, but probably won't?

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